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About us

P1 Speedy Fit ethos is to deliver a high value-added service to fit in with our customers' lifestyle. With this objective in mind, our motor products and maintenance centres will primarily be found at high profile shopping centres and retail parks. In addition to routine menu of general services, our larger outlets will enable us to undertake MOT, alloy wheel refurbishment and smart repairs.

With time being a precious commodity, our presence affords patrons the opportunity of convenience to browse, shop, have a snack, meet family and friends whilst we attend to their vehicles.

Where we are permitted to do so and there is demand, our typical opening hours will be 8.00am to 8,00pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Saturday and 10.00am to 4.00pm Sunday and Bank Holidays (with the exception of Christmas, Boxing and New Year's days and Easter Sunday)

As of early October 2021, Covid 19 has taken over 137,000 loved ones from family and friends in the UK and globally 4.8 million. This deadly virus has wreaked havoc to countless businesses and individuals where many have not survived due to lockdown restrictions. We fully endorse government recommendations and maintain a high level of vigilence to help protect our staff and customers from contracting and/or transmitting Coronavirus. 

Globally, we are witnessing the effect of climate change which has caused devastation and misery to communities from floods in Germany to wildfires in Greece. No matter how disruptive to our everyday lives, humanity needs to be united and get a grip without delay in its quest to firmly apply the brakes to slow down and reverse the man made damage we continue to inflict on our planet. Global warming is not a is a fact.

Clearly the combustion engine has been a significant factor to the detriment of our environment and change, no matter how drastic will not result in turning the corner over night. However, P1 Speedyfit is fully committed to utilise "green" methodology in every aspect of our business from the construction of our outlets, energy to power them and environmentally disposal of all discarded materials as we continually strive to reduce and do our bit to negate further damage to our world.

Whilst currently only being around 4% of the new car market, Statista report dated 12th August 2021 states that the sale of electric plug in vehicles increased by 140% in the previous 12 months and this is likely to gather pace. Where practical we shall be installing rapid charging points within our outlets and whilst on the ramp, battery powered cars can benefit from this facility (at comparable rates) to meet the ensuing growth. 

None of us are perfect. What we do wrong we will put right. What do we do right we aim to do better. What we do better, we strive to improve, because we are "P1 Speedyfit...Driven to Perfection"