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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Nearly everyone of us has damaged an alloy! At any of our convenient locations where we offer this service, a single wheel, including Diamond Cut can be refurbished in under 60 minutes and a set of 4 in less than 3 hours using state of the art equipment and techniques. We do not do touch up work whilst the wheel is secured to the car as this is may result in only a “temporary fix” and problems may come to light as and when a tyre is replaced. To undertake such a process may best be described as painting windows when they are shut!

If you have ordered a tyre attached to a damaged alloy, why not have it repaired at the same time? As we will have to remove and replace the tyre, a discount of up to 15% can be applied to restore it. We just don’t refurbish alloys to their original condition as we can customise these from a vast array of colours and finishes at our disposal. However, whilst it may not appear to be the case to the trained eye, in some instances the integrity of the alloy may have been breached and under such circumstances, we will not entertain attending to a wheel that is potentially dangerous and may fail and cause risk of injury or even death.

All our alloy wheel refurbishments come with a lifetime guarantee and in the unlikely event that there is a problem as a result of our workmanship, you can bring the vehicle back to any of our outlets where the service is available and we will undertake any repairs free of charge.

As an alternative, we can also supply new alloys (which we can spray to your choice of colour) and have the option of being pre-fitted with new tyres.

Prices per alloy start from £60 including VAT at 20% depending on size, pattern, configuration and condition. It is extremely unlikely that the overall cost will exceed £150 including VAT and the price will be confirmed on inspection.


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