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Clearly it is not the most pleasant experience to discover your car has a flat battery and worse still if you are in a hurry or stuck somewhere late at night in freezing conditions in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand such a calamity may be a good excuse on a nice sunny summer Sunday afternoon be unable to return home and postpone further household chores you have been avoiding for ages. However, in reality, let’s not kid ourselves, the former is likely to be the more common occurrence!

The Daily Telegraph article of 18 August 2016 states “Battery problems account for more than breakdown call outs in the UK”.

This editorial goes on to say “a good ball park figure for car battery life is five years”. However depending on the journeys undertaken and the more gizmos it has to support, eg air conditioning, heated seats etc, the greater the chances it will need replacing sooner.

If you think you need a new battery, insert your registration number and we will find your car and you will be able to select from a choice of batteries which you can pre-book and pay for. Rule of thumb is that we aim to supply and fit your battery next working day from the day you placed your order. However, order early and the chances are we may well be able to fulfil your requirements that same afternoon.

If you are unsure as to the condition of your battery, you can ring up or pop into one of our outlets and we will check it for you free of charge. If we are of the opinion it does not need replacing, we won’t try selling you a new one!

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