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Just like tyres, brakes are pivotal to safely bringing a vehicle to a stop in the shortest distance with maximum efficiency and thereby minimising the risk of any “fender benders”.

As of 20 May 2018, the DVLA has revised its rules on MOT. Some have been relaxed whilst others are now more stringent and brakes fall into the latter category which now has incorporated EIGHT additional requirements to be satisfied as part of attaining a MOT Pass Certificate.

In the event of an accident, regardless of blame or cause, your insurers may decline a claim if it comes to light that your vehicle had defective brakes,

Usually the first signs of any potential problem is when any noise becomes apparent when applying the brake pedal. This is commonly caused due to low or worn out brake pads or perhaps even discs. Irrespective as to why, you are strongly advised to check this out at the earliest opportunity.

By all means make an appointment or call into one of our centres and we will get your vehicle up on the ramp and we will investigate. This is unlikely to take more than 30 minutes and the charge for this will be from *£29 including VAT. However, should your vehicle’s pads or discs need replacing and you ask us to do this, then the inspection charge will be waived.

*The figure of £29 applies to appointments from 10am to 4.30am Monday – Friday. At all other times including weekends and Bank Holidays, charges will rise to £34 including VAT. Check your local outlet for further details.

Should you be aware of exactly what is needed, then you can insert your registration number and tick your requirements and this will provide a detailed quote for parts and labour. If you are happy to proceed, then book and pre-pay online at your chosen outlet.

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