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Bulbs & Wiper Blades


It is an offence to drive a vehicle on the public highway if any of the exterior lights including brake and indicators do not work.

As a result, you may be stopped by the police and served with a “Vehicle rectification defect notice” and required to have the necessary receipt of proof of repairs delivered to the police within 14 days (Source:

Not only is it potentially dangerous for you and other road users for your car to have such defects, this is an automatic MOT failure and in the event of an accident, regardless of blame, your insurers may deny your claim.

Changing bulbs can at best be fiddly and inconvenient as well as an irritation to change, particularly if you don’t have the right tools available!!

Therefore to save you the hassle, type in your registration number so we can identify your vehicle and we can quote for parts and labour and how long the job should take. If you are happy, then you can pre-book and pay online at any one of our outlets.


Clear vision is essential for safe driving. More often than not regularly ensuring that your wipers are clean can make all the difference. However, just like every other mechanical part prone to wear and tear, wiper blades are no different.

Defective wipers can possibly invalidate insurance in the event of a claim. It also happens to be number 3 on the list of the most common MOT failures! (Source:

Enter your registration number and get a price for replacement wipers and pre-pay for these for collection usually within one working day at any of our outlets and we will fit these for you free of charge and dispose of your old ones. It really is that simple!

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